7 Tips for Your First Trip to Disneyland ...


I recently went on my first trip to Disneyland and must say, I absolutely loved it. Being the Disney World lover that I am, it really is no big surprise that the park was like heaven-on-earth, but I was a bit shocked about what we were able to experience, what was similar to the Florida rendition, and what I did not like. One of the best things we did for this first trip to Disneyland was research the junk out of it - if you are going anytime soon, that would be my number one tip, research the rides, the park, best times to go, and the areas near by. This little tip is free and, by far, the most handy. Now, for the other equally fantastic Disneyland tips.

1. Go on the Rides That Other Parks Have

For my first trip to Disneyland I thought that going on the rides that are exclusive to Disneyland would be more important than going on the ones that all the parks have. Thankfully, we went on the non-exclusive ones anyway and I enjoyed them all just as much or more than the Disney World variations. The dark rides like Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Small World were way different than the Florida ones and were way longer. These are definitely not to be missed and just might be your favorite rides of the day.

Take Your Time
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