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Looking for some tips for successful solo travel? If you are anything like I was, you may have never entertained the thought of traveling alone. I had always taken my children on trips with my now ex-husband, and after they were grown and I was alone, I still wanted to take trips, but no longer had convenient travel companions. What’s a woman to do? The obvious answer was to grab some girlfriends and pick a spot, but my plans were spur of the moment and the opportunity arose to get away and you guessed it, I was going alone. I have to admit I was a little scared. Would I be safe? Would I have fun? How could I do this and prove to myself that I was a big girl now? With some planning, you can throw together a fun getaway and refresh your spirit with a change of scenery. Here are my best tips for successful solo travel.

1. Start Small

No need to book a cruise or take vacation time. Next time you have a free weekend coming up, dedicate it to your journey. This is one of the best tips for successful solo travel.

Stay Local
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