8 Tips for Booking a Great Hotel Room ...


Locating the best tips for booking a hotel room is never easy. In fact, with all of the different tips for booking a hotel room, it's hard to choose which tips to follow! Well girls, I work in the hotel business and I know every trick in the book for getting a great deal on a hotel room. So, if you're ready to see how the insiders do it – take a look below! I promise, I'll be as detailed as possible for you!

1. Know the Product

Girls, not every single hotel that you go to is going to be the same. A Marriott is completely different than a Courtyard. So one of my first tips for booking a hotel room is to know the product that you are booking into. This means that you've got to know if breakfast is included, if the hotel is a full service hotel, if the hotel is typically expensive. These are all things to consider!

Look up the Website
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