7 Things to do in Oxford on Your Romantic Weekend Break ...

Oxford is known as 'The City of Dreaming Spires' and it's a romantic haven that is the perfect place for a weekend break for two; there are loads of things to do in Oxford! From visiting museums to strolling the historic cobbled streets, it's filled with delights that are sure to turn even the most hard-hearted cynic into a romantic, poetry spouting Casanova (well, I'm not promising anything!) If you're heading to the city together, here are a few things to do in Oxford that are sure to make your break special.

1. Stay at the Old Parsonage

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The Old Parsonage Hotel is a quaint, historic hotel set on St Giles just across the road from University Parks, where you can enjoy a picnic when the sun is shining! One of the best things to do in Oxford is enjoy a romantic High Tea here together - don't miss this!

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