10 Fabulous Festivals Happening in February 2012 ...


10 Fabulous Festivals Happening in February 2012 ...
10 Fabulous Festivals Happening in February 2012 ...

Festivals in February 2012 are an eclectic mix. From huge global celebrations to localized festivities, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some special events this month. Festivals in February 2012 include non-melting snowmen, masks and costumes, beer swigging clergymen and an elusive rodent. So take a look at these 10 fabulous festivals happening in February 2012 and get packing!

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Valentines Festival, Terni, Italy

Every February in the small Umbrian town of Terni in Italy, a huge valentines festival overtakes the centre of town with a variety of parades and competitions for singles and couples alike. Terni claims the right to not limit Valentine’s to a single day as this Is the town of Saint Valentine’s birth. You’re your partner to forget the cheesy card and overpriced flowers; you want him to whisk you off to the Valentine’s Festival.


Chinese New Year, Global

If you are done celebrating the western New Year then start celebrating someone else’s New Year. The Chinese New Year is recognized worldwide so you have a choice as to where you go to celebrate it, but a good place is Shanghai in China. The dates are complicated but basically the last week of January to the second week of February is time for celebrating 2012, the Year of the Dragon. Certainly one of the most colorful festivals in February 2012, the Chinese like to start their New Year with a blast.


Groundhog Day, USA

One of the strangest festivals in February 2012, Groundhog Day is that magical American event where we watch Pennsylvania’s favorite soothsaying rodent predict the weather at Gobbler’s Knob.


Sauti Za Busara, Zanzibar

On the Island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania in Africa, this colorful festival involves something for everyone whether you love music, art, or sports. Typically described as a fringe festival it usually takes place in the middle of February. Events include everything from bullfights to fashion shows. Highlights are the traditional Zanzibar Dhow boat race and the finale on the beach.


Buenos Aires Tango Festival, Argentina

This is one of the festivals in February 2012 which takes place at the very end of the month. The festival showcases the dance in the country of its birth. This is the chance for you and your partner to dress up as the pimp and the prostitute and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Tango. Attend dancing classes, displays and exhibitions and workshops.


Father Ted Festival, Ireland

If you have never heard of the sit com Father Ted, this most odd of the festivals in February 2012 is going to perplex you. If you love Fathers Ted, Dougal, Jack and Mrs Doyle, dig out your best vicar outfit and head for the island of Inish Mor off the west coast of Ireland. Be prepared to drink lots of Guinness and take part in loads of silly events based on happenings in the sitcom.


Quebec Carnaval, Canada

In Quebec City, Canada, a carnaval is held within the first two weeks of February. Festivals in February 2012 are often a little weird, but this really pushes the boundaries as you can expect to see giant ice palaces, a snowman which never melts, and snow volleyball all in one place. Take part in or watch dog sled races, enjoy an arctic spa and attend the fabulous Bonhomme Ball.


Naked Festival, Japan

At Kannon-in-temple on the third Saturday of February in the town of Saidai-Ji in Japan you can witness one of the most uncomfortable festivals in February 2012. In reality it’s a loincloth festival but apparently calling it the naked festival sounded better. If your idea of fun is loads of scantily clad men in very cold weather wrestling for some sacred sticks then the Naked Festival is heaven.


Sydney Mardi Gras, Australia

If you have always planned on making a trip to Australia then now’s your chance because in the middle of February the Sydney version of Mardi Gras begins. Unlike some of the more traditional Mardi Gras around the world which have roots in religion, Sydney is a massive gayfest. For a few weeks Sydney is alive (even more than usual) with cabarets, club events, films and parties. It all culminates with a massive parade.


Venice Carnival

One of the festivals in February 2012 with a long, long history, the Venice Carnival dates all the way back to the late 13th century. Characterized by the many masked balls, this is the opportunity to get dressed up in the most lavish costumes, have a great time and not be recognized. The culmination is the contest for the best mask judged by an international jury.

Some of these fabulous festivals happening in February 2012 are just downright weird, and some are incredibly relaxing. But for festival goers this is a perfect excuse to travel around the world to a variety of exotic locations. Will you be going to any festivals in February 2012?

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