The Best Ethical Animal Encounters in the Wild ...


The Best Ethical Animal  Encounters in the Wild ...
The Best Ethical Animal  Encounters in the Wild ...

The animal kingdom in all its glory is one of the most awe inspiring and wonderful things that this earth has to offer, and unfortunately, a large percentage of human beings either make a business out of showing us this kingdom in a non-ethical way, or some even go as far as to take things in to their own hands and pursue animals in nature in a totally illegal way. This has to stop. We’re doing enough damage as it is. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to make the most of the animals that we are blessed with on this planet, but let’s just try to do it in a sensible and recommended way. Here are some ethical animal encounters that you can have in the wild without anyone making any money from them or exploiting the animals.

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Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas

Swimming with pigs is one of the most unique experiences that The Bahamas has to offer. Specifically on the island of Grand Exuma, wild pigs will come swimming by the shore and enjoy a spot of surfing with any swimmers who happened to be around in the moment! The aptly named Pig Beach is where all the action takes place!


Diving with Sharks in Galapagos Islands

If you want something more dramatic than pigs, you can always head to the Galapagos Islands to swim with hammerhead and white tip sharks! At the right times of the year you can submerge yourself in the water and find schools of up to 300 hammerheads around you, along with other amazing creatures like manta rays. Not for the faint hearted!


Swim with Dolphins in Mexico

Off the coasts of Mexico, dolphins often swim in groups and are very friendly, so if you happen to spot a gang, you can slide in to the water and allow them to swim around you. They are very curious, so their attention will most likely be aroused. They’ll come up and say hello, but don’t be too aggressive in your attempts to reach them.


Swim with Manta Rays in Ecuador

Every year between June and October, around 2,000 manta rays arrive in the waters around Isla de La Plata off the coast of Ecuador. They are quite gentle, but their size can be rather scary – some have wing spans of up to 5 metres.


Swim with Jellyfish in Palau

The saltwater lake in Palau is aptly named Jellyfish Lake, thanks to the fact that it is filled with literally thousands of tiny little jellyfish! These are called cnidarians, and they are thankfully harmless and beautiful. Visitors to the lake are permitted to snorkel on the surface of the lake to behold the wonders underneath.


Swim with Sea Turtles in Egypt

Marsa Alam in Egypt is regarded as one of the most famous destinations for diving in the Red Sea, and that is because it boasts a range of beauties from tropical coral reefs to dolphins and reef sharks. It’s abundant with wildlife, including giant green sea turtles that can be found all along the coast.


Dive with Humpback Whales in Tonga

Tonga is one of the few places where you can swim with humpback whales, absolutely enormous creatures that will make you feel like a tiny insignificant spot on this earth! The best times to do this are definitely August and September when the waters are clearest.

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