7 Top Attractions of Phoenix That Call You to Visit "the Valley" ...

It’s the Southwest’s most populous city, so you know there’s going to be plenty of attractions of Phoenix to stick on your visitor’s itinerary. Critics agree that the city isn’t the prettiest but its setting more than makes up for that with the peaks of the Rockies in the background drawing the eye and providing a canvas for wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Know too that the city gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year, so there’s lots of lovely weather to help you enjoy the many attractions of Phoenix.

1. Enter Art Deco Heaven at Taliesin West

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The erstwhile home of celebrated architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright is situated in Scottsdale, at the foot of the McDowell Mountains. It served as an architectural school between 1937 and 1959, when Lloyd Wright and his apprentices built his home from local materials, such as redwood and rubble stone, to create one of the finest Art Deco residences anywhere in the world. Today the architect's former home serves as the international headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and houses the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Taliesin West is one of the more unusual attractions of Phoenix, but it's an informative, educational place and affords stunning views over the surrounding countryside.

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