7 Places to Visit in Europe While You're Young ...


7 Places to Visit in Europe While You're Young ...
7 Places to Visit in Europe While You're Young ...

The world is filled with beautiful places to visit, but these are some places to visit in Europe while you’re young. I have had the pleasure of visiting some of these spots, but some are still on my bucket list. Traveling while you are young is always a great idea so no more excuses! These are the places to visit in Europe while you’re young.

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain This is one of the great places to visit in Europe where you will enjoy the festivals and live music. Just take a walk down the old streets and you will feel the history ooze out. Follow in the footsteps of the artistic genius Picasso by visiting the landmarks that shaped his youth. Stroll along the Calle Reina Cristina and then walk over to 3 Carrer de la Mercè to see where his family lived. This is a great place to get your history lesson.


London, England

London, England This is one of the best places I have ever visited. Pubs after pubs and pints after pints are what filled my days in this amazing city. With all the great landmarks like the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the more hidden spots, like the pub where Amy Winehouse always hung out, you will never be bored.


Paris, France

Paris, France The city of romance is a great place to visit when you’re young and in love (or single and looking!). The soaring Eiffel Tower, the mammoth Louvre Museum and the cathedral of Notre-Dame are all worth seeing. The cafes are buzzing with love and the smell of delicious coffee, and the streets are filled with crowds of people and entertainment.


Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland I think this is pretty self explanatory, but Amsterdam is THE place to visit when you are young. The best way to travel this city is with a tour bus full of other young adults and to meet new people and make new experiences. Now, the red light district is a landmark place to visit. From brothels to sex shops to museums, the Red Light District leaves nothing to the imagination. Make sure you come into this area with an open mind and a sense of exploration!


All of Italy

All of Italy I say all of Italy because all of Italy is beautiful and gorgeous. If you are a single girl, or traveling with friends, this is the place to go. Spend your days on the beach and waltzing around the beautiful cafes and meeting some boys! Italians are known for their hospitality and being overly friendly, and of course the scenery is divine!


St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia A vacation here won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it. St. Petersburg largely owes its dualistic nature to its founder, Peter the Great, an unabashed lover of all things European who commissioned the city's streets and architecture to resemble his favourite western cities. This is somewhere you will want to bring your dictionary, as English isn’t spoken a lot there.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland This is a beautiful country. Absolutely stunning. It also happens to be where my mother was born, and I was fortunate enough to visit my family there. The great thing is that there is an exciting city with lots to do, and then you can travel into the highlands and see beautiful rolling hills. You better try the haggis if you are going to visit here! Also, be prepared to drink lots of beer.

We make excuses every day for things we want to do, but traveling gives you such great life experiences. Going while you are young will help shape you and hopefully give you friends all around the world. Never mind memories! What is your favourite place to visit with friends? Have you visited any of the above places?

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and Czech Republic Prague ?

Loved Amsterdam!!! One of the prettiest cities I have seen, the canals, the houses, the bikes all over the place... London, oh Big Ben!!! the city is just so clean, it's a fairy tale! All Italy!!! I agree, so far Rome has been a dream come true!

I live in Holland and i lovee Amsterdam, Barcelona is soo much to do and London is Lovely!! France is really the city of lovee!! Russia and Italy are my next destination

Istanbul is a gorgeous place too..

You missed the beautiful Greece of course

I really dont like the article. You dont even write what to see in edinburgh. And Amsterdam by bus? Come on.... By bike! Everybody knows that. Only visit the red light district? And mammoth louvre in Paris?! Sorry but a bit more effort would have been nice.

I'm from Holland and you are definitely right to put Amsterdam on your list! It's a must visit, especially when you're young. But not just because of the red light district, Amsterdam is also filled with culture and the city is always buzzing. It's not only sex, drugs and rock 'n roll over here! ;)

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