7 Incredible Places to Visit in the Sunshine State ...

After my vacation to Florida during this summer, I have made a list of the top places to visit in the Sunshine State. Whether you are looking for some fun in the sun, some fabulous shopping, or just some sightseeing, you will be completely covered. The United States is filled with towns and cities that go by the name of Florida, but nothing compares to the actual Sunshine State. In its history, the state of Florida has inspired as much madness as it has fantasies of a magical kingdom and everything in between. Florida is the place to go to with the many places to visit in the Sunshine State, such as the many beaches to relax on, to shop until you drop, to visit Mickey Mouse, to explore the Everglades, have fun with the nightlife, and experience the kayaks and gators!

1. Aventura Mall

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With all different offered events, a huge variety of shops, and gourmet restaurants, Aventura Mall is definitely one of the many places to visit in the Sunshine State. The 3-floor mall is a higher-end shopping mall in Aventura, Florida, which is a suburb just north of Miami. It is the third largest shopping center in the United States. The Aventura Mall is filled with stores ranging from Wet Seal to Bloomingdale's and from Nordstrom to Louis Vuitton. Although the mall offers a food court, restaurants such as Sushi Siam, Cheesecake Factory, The Grill on the Ally, and Bella Luna can be found around the mall. If you are looking for some good shopping, some window-shopping, delicious food, or just a nice stroll, the Aventura Mall is a prime spot to visit!

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