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There’s something romantic about pirate places and their stories (although sometimes a little brutal too – we have to remember why they’re called pirates). Some places associated with pirates are the stuff of legend and visiting them can bring those legends alive and you can tread in the footsteps of the buccaneers who ruled the high seas. With the golden age of piracy being the 17th and 18th centuries there’s plenty of history associated with pirate places around the world.

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Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas One of the most well-known pirate places, Nassau was a favorite of buccaneers because it was so close to the trade routes usually taken by Spanish merchant ships. This tropical paradise was at the heart of the Golden Age of Piracy, attracting the greatest concentration of buccaneers the New World had ever seen, including Blackbeard and other (in)famous names. It is hard to tell history from myth in Nassau – and maybe we don't really want to – but there are incredible fortresses and historical buildings, as well as a museum dedicated to piracy, that can help you understand how buccaneers lived back then.


Sale, Morocco

Sale, Morocco Another one of the pirate havens you should check out is the ancient city of Sale, located on Morocco's Atlantic coastline. In the 17th century, Sale became the home of a band of Barbary pirates. Though they were not as widely known as Nassau's buccaneers, the Barbary pirates were definitely more fearsome. They "operated" in the Mediterranean mostly, but not only. They raided ships and coastlines throughout Europe, reaching even Iceland, and they were famous for taking prisoners to sell as slaves in North Africa.


Nosy Boraha, Madagascar

Nosy Boraha, Madagascar Nosy Boraha, popularly known as Ile Sainte Marie, is located off the east coast of Madagascar, conveniently close to the main trade route once used by European merchants returning home from East and South Asia. These merchant ships were loaded with riches, making them an incredibly tempting treat for famous pirates like Captain William Kidd. There's still a lot of evidence left on Ile Sainte Marie by the buccaneers who lived here, including several shipwrecks you'll love to explore, as well as a pirate cemetery.


Port Royal, Jamaica

Port Royal, Jamaica Another one of the major pirate places during the Golden Age of Piracy, Port Royal has quite an interesting history in this regard. The town was controlled by the British back then, and it was left largely unguarded. Worried that they will be invaded by other colonial powers, the authorities in Port Royal actually started inviting buccaneers to make the town their "headquarters" – invitation that many pirates gladly accepted. And thus, this policy gave the town fierce fighters who could protect it against possible invasions. Nowadays, the former pirate haven is a peaceful town with plenty of historical buildings for you to explore.


Ocracoke, North Carolina

Ocracoke, North Carolina This tiny island was one of the favorite hideouts of the famous Blackbeard. He and his mates often anchored here, because the place was very close to major shipping channels, yet completely uninhabited. Blackbeard set up lookouts well hidden by the dunes, trees and grasses, which he used to spot the merchant ships passing by on their way to the American colonies – and you know what happened next. Nowadays, the pirate hideouts on the island are all part of a nature preserve. There's also a museum and souvenir shops you'll definitely want to check out if you get the chance to come to Ocracoke.


Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India Mumbai is one of the pirate places made famous by the notorious Kanhoji Angre, who raided Dutch, Portuguese and British ships off India's western coastline in the 18th century. Besides attacking offshore, the pirate also extorted money from all the vessels that used the port of Mumbai (back then called Bombay). Today, you can explore the remnants of Angre's reign at Khanderi and Underi, as well as visit his hideout at the Vijaydurg Fort, which was deemed impenetrable.


Barataria, Louisiana

Barataria, Louisiana Located close to New Orleans, Barataria was one of the favorite pirate havens of famous smuggler and buccaneer Jean Lafitte. Due to Lafitte's success in his "career", many other pirates were drawn to Barataria, which quickly developed into a major smuggling hub. Nowadays, the place is included in the Jean Lafitte Historic Park and Preserve. While you may not see many pirate artifacts in the park, you will have an amazing time exploring the places where the famous smuggler and his peers thrived.

So my lovely landlubbers, are you ready to find your sea legs and buckle your swash at some of the pirate places?

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Nassau is beautiful and interesting. Port Royal you have to keep watching your back!

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