7 Places to Enjoy the Extraordinary Cuisine of Japan ...

It’s so easy to think that Japanese food is all about sushi, but this is easily dispelled when you travel to the culinary destinations in Japan. Japanese cuisine is probably the most unique in the world and it is recognized as such because it and French cuisine are the only cuisines on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Although at first some foods may be strange to Western palates, I urge you to try as many items as possible when you visit the best culinary destinations in Japan.

1. Tokyo

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It is hard to find a better place than Tokyo to taste some of the most extraordinary Japanese cuisine. As the country’s capital it follows that food culture is immensely rich here and a heaven for the foodies who will enjoy several surprises here. While you can easily find deep-dish Chicago Pizza and Oregon steak at American-style cafes, restaurants, and bars in Tokyo, pass them by. Take the opportunity to taste some local Japanese dishes, and what could be better than sushi, or as they call it, Edomae Sushi in Tokyo. Just head straight to the market called 'Tsukiji' to test out this dish – and other seriously fresh fish products. Other popular dishes like izakaya, tempura, ramen, and teriyaki make Tokyo one of the finest culinary destinations in Japan.

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