7 Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Abroad ...

American ex-pats who are missing home will be interested in learning some places to eat Thanksgiving dinner abroad. Although there’s no place quite like home, when a restaurant declares itself as a place to eat Thanksgiving dinner you know that they will go all out to create the all-American experience, no matter their location. I’ve found some interesting and recommended places to eat Thanksgiving dinner abroad that offer up that special experience you’re probably craving.

1. The Butchers Hall, London

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This is not just any old location or restaurant. This is one of the swanky places to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the UK capital. The Butchers Hall is a historical venue in the city, located close to London’s main wholesale meat market, Smithfield. The sumptuously decorated hall is the home to The Worshipful Company of Butchers, one of the oldest London Livery Companies (en.wikipedia.org.) The dinner has great pedigree because it is organized by the Benjamin Franklin House. benjaminfranklinhouse.org

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