7 Must Visit πŸ—Ί Antique Hotspots πŸ”₯ across the US 🌎 ...


Some things never get old - even after a hundred years. This is because each of these items, when studied closely, tell a story about one piece of history. It is through the mistakes and the successes of the past that we are better able to improve our future. It is because of this that I have always harbored a special fascination with the art of finding and restoring antiques. Though the process can sometimes be lengthy, I’ve always believed it is well worth the effort. I understand, not everyone shares this passion. For those of you who harbor the same fascination however here are a few antique hot spots around the USA to keep your interest moving.

1. Wimberley, Texas

Located just outside Austin, this quaint country town offers a warm atmosphere for its visitors. You don’t need to visit during the Wimberley Market Days to enjoy yourself. Overflowing with diverse options from the array of antique shops that line the downtown square to the nearby wineries and outdoor recreation Wimberley is any antique lover’s dream getaway.

New Orleans, Louisiana
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