7 Must See Attractions of Liverpool ...


Ok, hands up who has never heard of Liverpool or only knows it because of The Beatles, because I am here to dispense the news that the attractions of Liverpool are plentiful and worthy. Liverpool is a city in the north and the fourth largest in England. It sits on the River Mersey and used to be a major port (especially for the slave trade and between the UK and Ireland). Liverpudlians are affectionately known as Scousers and are known to be very hospitable and for having a fabulous sense of humor. Liverpool is also nicknamed the “City of Pop,” as according to the Guinness Book of Records, more number ones have come from artists out of Liverpool than anywhere else! So, apart from the Scouse (a meaty stew), The Beatles and The Mersey, what are the great attractions of Liverpool?

1. St George’s Hall

St George’s Hall

If you visit by train, one of the first attractions of Liverpool you will see on exiting Lime Street Station is St George’s Hall. The neoclassical grade 1 listed building has St John’s Gardens to the rear and St George’s Plateau to the front. It has a magnificent organ built by Henry Willis and at one time police holding cells were underneath. There is a stunning mosaic floor made from Minton tiles but that is only on display at certain times. There have been recent renovations and it is a lovely building to walk around.

Walker Art Gallery
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