7 Most Fun Locations in New York City ...


7 Most Fun Locations in New York City ...
7 Most Fun Locations in New York City ...

Being a native New Yorker, I believe sharing some of the most fun locations in New York as an obligation of mine. I’ve been up and down Manhattan over and over again and have experienced it all. One minute I’m running into some of the most glamorous department stores and the next minute I’m running through some of the most amazing parks. New York City, there is just no other place like it.

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Dylan’s Candy Bar

Candy, Chocolate, Ice cream, oh my! There is nothing better than a store full of all of these goodies. One central location that is filled with such a variety of candy and chocolates; it’s just the best. Dylan’s Candy Bar will bring you back to the good old days, where you had access to all of the sweet treats you wanted. With the classic Whirly pops, caramel popcorn, and chocolate bars, Dylan’s is definitely an "it" spot. Between the bins of candy that help to fill up your own personal candy bag and the café that offers a mouth-watering menu on the third floor, leave a large amount of time for this location. I never knew that shopping for candy and eating all different desserts could be so much fun until entering this sugar haven destination. Dylan’s Candy Bar is just one of many of fun locations in NYC.


Top of the Empire State Building

Top of the Empire State Building Being at the top of the Empire State Building feels like being on top of the world. With some of the most amazing views of New York City, floating up to the 86th floor of the building is a magical experience. New York City’s skyline is truly inspiring. Between the skyscrapers, bridges, islands, and monuments, you’ll begin to understand why New York City is instantly recognized in photographs. The view the Empire State Building has to offer is a 360-degree, unobstructed view. Whether you would like to view the city when it is lit up by the sun or by the lamps and fixtures that light up the sky after dark, you will leave appreciating the Big Apple.


Meatpacking District

Meatpacking District Great clubs. Fantastic Food. Some of the best shopping. No wonder the meatpacking district in lower Manhattan has become such a hot stop. Looking for a trendy dinner? Try Catch, when looking for unique fish dishes; Dos Caminos, when looking for Mexican food; The Standard Grill, when looking for some good old American food. Not only is the food tasteful, but so is the shopping. Shop at Jeffrey’s and Scoop NYC for the best of the best. Even if you’re not interested in making a large purchase, the shops are definitely worth the trip. After a day full of eating and shopping, take a walk on the High Line. It is the city’s most successful public park in decades and will give you a magnificent end to a wonderful day.


FAO Schwartz

FAO Schwartz No matter how old you are, FAO Schwartz is one of the most fun stores in New York City. Filled with toys that range from the size of a pin to a life size lion, FAO Schwartz is known for its amazing selection of toys. Even though the main focus are the toys, located in the store they have a café, a mini candy section, and FAO Schwartz apparel. The experience begins with a friendly hello from real-life Toy Soldiers. You can either pose for a photo or continue into the store for one of the best experiences. It’s a wonderland filled with endless fun. They even offer special services. FAO Schwartz offers breakfast with a Toy Soldier, class trips, private parties, personal shopping, and even cupcake decorating.


Central Park

Central Park Central Park is the place to be. Morning jogs, afternoon bike rides, and dinner at The Loeb, the lakeside restaurant, is the perfect way to spend a beautiful day in New York City. There are so many attractions. Winter or summer, there is always something to do. You may want to ice skate in the winter and canoe in the summer. Since the city is the city and the closest beach is approximately 45 minutes away, you can find people laying out and tanning in central park throughout the summer season. The Central Park Zoo is one of my personal favorites. The size is the perfect size and it such a nice way to disconnect yourself from the crazy city for an hour or so.

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Madison Square Garden

The entertainment that is brought to MSG is surreal and the excitement that radiates off of the Garden is incomparable. MSG is known for being The World’s Most Famous Arena. Located in midtown, it’s the home of the New York Rangers, New York Knicks, and the New York Liberty. It has been the venue for some of the most exciting annual family shows, sporting drafts, TV premiers, meetings, ceremonies, and conferences. You name it and the Garden has held it. Attending a sporting event at MSG is an unexplainable experience. You feel like you’re one with the team. When your team scores, it’s as if you just scored, when they miss that shot, you feel their frustration. It’s incredible. If sports are not your thing, then attend a concert! Once again, when being an attendee of a concert or show at MSG you have to be prepared to dance and sing like no other so put those dancing shoes on and rest your voice the night before!


Bloomingdales - 59th Street

Bloomingdales - 59th Street There is nothing more enjoyable than a department store, especially in New York City. Each floor is filled with something different and every turn you make, the more exciting the items found will be. One floor is filled with cosmetics, the next with jewelry, the next with everyday clothing, the next with couture, the next with furniture… All of the shopping works up an appetite. Don’t worry; Bloomies has you covered with some of the most delicious restaurants including Forty Carrots, Flip, and David Burke. After hitting the other half of the store filled with kitchen supplies, bedding, and bathroom accessories, it’s time for dessert, my favorite. Magnolia Bakery is located in Bloomingdales. Grab a container of their famous Banana Pudding or if that’s not your thing, opt for a cupcake! I mean seriously, what more could a girl ask for? One word to describe the Bloomingdales experience… FUN.

As a city gal, I have the best times in these central locations. You’ll be able to enjoy in lower, middle, and upper Manhattan whether you’re looking to shop, eat, lounge, or just enjoy the scenery. There is a time and place for everything. Just make the most out of your stay in New York City. Do not waste time debating on what to do and where to go, just go! Welcome to the Big Apple and enjoy some of the most fun locations in the big, bad NYC! What are some of your favorite fun location in New York City?

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NYC is so great

Love NYC!

Two things I love about NYC: broadway musicals the museums. <3 if only...

New York New York home sweet home baby

Thank you @sara Simone lustberg and @user333

Love New York my hometown

U got all the spots girl! Love your posts and totally agree w all these uber fun spots

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