10 Marvelous Moscow Attractions ...


10 Marvelous Moscow Attractions ...
10 Marvelous Moscow Attractions ...

Moscow attractions were not so very long ago, off limits to most of us. Luckily though, the magnificent Russian capital is growing with the modern world, yet keeping its unquestionable uniqueness based on centuries of history. Must-see Moscow attractions testify to the political, cultural and religious power of Russia from the past until nowadays. Beside the world famous Moscow sights like Red Square, the city boasts some new art galleries opened in former warehouses and factories, numerous bars, and everything else needed for exciting nightlife. However, before the night falls, here are 10 marvelous Moscow attractions which are well worth paying a visit:

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The Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre The very first performance of the legendary Swan Lake ballet took place right here, in 1877. Although Tchaikovsky hadn’t attained deserved fame back then, his fabulous ballets have definitely contributed the glory of the Bolshoi theatre since. The original building has been a Moscow attraction since 1824 and recent renovation has restored the old splendor, but don’t stay outside – buy a ticket and enjoy a performance by the world famous Bolshoi ballet troops.


The Kremlin

The Kremlin The area surrounded by the mighty Kremlin walls inevitably induces awe and wonder, reminding visitors of the mighty Russian political power and severity. The remarkable architecture of the four palaces, fascinating churches, verdant park and other features, make the Kremlin one of the most visited Moscow attractions.


Gorky Park

Gorky Park Officially called the Park of Culture (Park Kultury), it is nicknamed after the famous Russian writer. If you are looking for fun and relaxation from the bustling city, Gorky Park is the place to hide. Extending nearly two miles along the Moskva River, the park offers a lot to its visitors. Apart from the freshness of the greenery, you can enjoy your leisure time in amusement park, which includes two roller coasters, carousels and many other adrenaline-pumping attractions. One of the popular features of the park is the Soviet space shuttle Buran, which ended up instead of somewhere in space.


The Assumption Cathedral

The Assumption Cathedral The burial place of prominent historical figures and once the pivotal Russian church, the Assumption Cathedral is today one of the most recognizable Moscow attractions. Five golden domes dominate the view of the area, while amazing features of the interior include precious 17thcentury frescoes and huge icons.


Diamond Fund Exhibition

Diamond Fund Exhibition Some of the nicest pieces of a girl’s best friend can be found in the Armoury, one of the oldest museums in Moscow. The Russian Diamond Fund Exhibition will simply astonish you with the priceless luxury, exhibited so close, yet out of your reach. Some of the highlights are the Imperial Crown of Russia, made in the 18th century for Catherine the Great, and the Orlov Diamond, 190-carat rock given to the Empress by her lover. Definitely one of the sights of Moscow no girl should miss.


Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The Museum holds a stunning collection of twentieth-century art, including paintings, graphics and sculptures of both domestic and foreign authors. However, the Museum is most famous for its avant-garde collection, featuring renowned Russian artists, among which there are Kandinsky, Chagall and Malevich.


Ice Sculpture Gallery

Ice Sculpture Gallery Even if it doesn’t sound like that, this gallery is one of the year-round Moscow attractions. Located in a refrigerated tent in Krasnaya Presnya Park, the Ice Sculpture Gallery will instantly cool you down. Plunge into the icy world of Russian fairytales, enriched with soothing sounds of music and colorful lights, but be sure to put on the special vest and foot-covers, which are included in the entrance fee.


The State Museum

The State Museum Get acquainted with Russian history back to the Stone Age in the State Museum. Each room of this imposing 19th century building is decorated in different style, representing a certain region or period. One of the unavoidable Moscow sights, the State Museum provides an exciting time travel experience.


The Armoury

The Armoury Built in the 16th century for the purpose of manufacturing and storing weapons, the Armoury building was later also used for jewelry and embroidery production. Since Peter the Great’s rule, the Armoury has been used as a museum, showcasing priceless royal treasures, as well as thousands of items of applied Russian art.


Terem Palace

Terem Palace You’ve seen the outside of the Kremlin, now it’s time to venture in. Considered the most delightful of all the Kremlin palaces, the Terem Palace evokes the times of the Russian Tsars. Take an imperial walk through the living room, dining room, bedroom, study room and, finally, say a prayer for the souls of the former residents in a small chapel.

Moscow is too huge, the above list is too short, however, there is plenty of room for your comments. If you can’t find your favorite Moscow attraction in the list, please share it with us.

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