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8 Best Shopping Experiences in Bangkok ...

By Neecey

Over the past few decades, Bangkok has transformed into Southeast Asia’s premier shopping destination. This exciting destination really offers some fantastic experiences, and shopping in Bangkok is among the best. Offering everything from high-end luxury goods to local handicrafts, silk and other textiles, the Bangkok shopping selection is one of the most diverse in the world. Here are 8 Best Shopping Experiences in Bangkok.

Table of contents:

  1. Chatuchak market
  2. Siam paragon
  3. Mbk center
  4. Platinum fashion mall
  5. Taling chan floating market
  6. Centralworld bangkok
  7. Pantip plaza
  8. Or tor kor market

1 Chatuchak Market

Shopping in Bangkok is epitomized by the weekend Chatuchak Market. Conveniently located within walking distance from BTS (Sky Train) Mo Chit and MRT (metro), Kamphaeng Phet, Chatuchak is the city’s largest open-air market, and is popular with locals and tourists alike. Here, you are bound to find great bargains on clothes, crafts, home decor and more. It’s also a great place to sample traditional Thai street food, and bargaining is welcome.

2 Siam Paragon

One of Asia’s most luxurious malls, and the most fabulous of Bangkok shopping centers, the Siam Paragon rivals the Champs Elysees when it comes to high-end boutiques and brands. Stores are organized by floor, with brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Emporio Armani all within easy reach. Below there are countless restaurants as well as Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium. The top floors consist of a cinema and also contain space for art exhibitions along with a few furniture outlets.

3 MBK Center

The MBK Center has a well-earned reputation for bargains and represents shopping in Bangkok at its most hectic. Thousands of stalls are crammed into the 8-storey shopping center. The MBK sits between the National Stadium and Siam stations along the BTS and is an absolute favorite with tourists. Head here for great bargains on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Like most markets in Thailand, haggling is both expected and recommended.

4 Platinum Fashion Mall

Thailand’s version of a factory outlet mall, the Platinum Fashion Mall is a fashionista’s dream. You can expect to find the latest fashions and brands at steeply discounted prices at this mall which sells men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. To get the best deal, purchase multiple items from the same vendor and get a discount.

5 Taling Chan Floating Market

From mega-shopping malls to traditional floating markets, the places to go shopping in Bangkok offer a diverse experience. The Taling Chan Floating Market is the best example of the cultural treasures within the city’s borders. Make sure to arrive early to fore-go the throngs of tourists sure to arrive later in the day. Markets such as Taling Chan have existed in Thailand for centuries. Vendors either dock their boat, or float down canals as they prepare and sell traditional Thai dishes, desserts and fruit.

6 Centralworld Bangkok

Bangkok’s most popular shopping mall chain, Centralworld, is a more traditional shopping mall with international retailers, a cinema and a wealth of restaurants. The mall runs a series of sales and exhibitions year-round, so they’re bound to be a bargain no matter when you visit. Accustomed to tourists, many of the sales staff speak English.

7 Pantip Plaza

Shopping in Bangkok isn’t all about fashion, crafts and food. Tech-lovers will be happy to know that Pantip Plaza features vendors selling electronics, computers and accessories almost exclusively. Whether it’s an external hard-drive, digital camera or mobile phone cover you’re looking for, Pantip has got you covered. For those who need a break from all the shopping, there’s a food court along with a few familiar fast food restaurants available within the mall.

8 Or Tor Kor Market

Bangkok’s tropical locale means that its home to a wide variety of exotic foods. There’s no better place to get a feel for Thai cuisine and view a dizzying array of fruits, vegetables and other foods than Or Tor Kor Market. Adjacent to Chatuchak, the enormous supermarket is both a shopping and cultural experience. Try chatting with friendly vendors or snacking on dragon fruit, mangoes and durian.

It would be very easy to spend all your vacation time in Thailand, shopping in Bangkok. Bangkok shopping certainly does give plenty to enjoy, and if you visit the markets as well as the malls, you’ll get a real dose of local culture.

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