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You may think you are a savvy traveler, but how clued up are you on items not allowed in hand luggage? I’m sure most of us know the obvious and keep up to date with the situation regarding liquids we’re allowed to carry, but staying abreast of other restrictions is not so easy because there are some surprising items not allowed in hand luggage – like fishing rods for example!

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No Lighting up

Obviously flights are non-smoking these days, and therefore cigarette lighters are among the items not allowed in hand luggage. Please note, however, for those die hard addicts, you can carry one lighter on your person. (so it’s ok if you accidentally set your pants on fire but not the overhead luggage store!). If you’re a nervous flyer and need a cigarette as soon as you get to the other end you might be in need of this!


Chemicals and Arms

A pretty obvious one but chemicals of any kind are on the list of items banned from hand luggage. And if you’re taking weapons with you for a shooting holiday or some target practice while away, don’t take any of your equipment in your hand luggage – nothing, absolutely nothing will get in the passenger cabin.


Medical Necessities

Even though only 100mls is the maximum of any single liquid we can take on-board, you might think medicines are an exception. But no, if you do have a medical condition that requires liquids of more than 100mls you should check with your airline before you fly, since you might need approval.


Sports Equipment

If you’re a sporting fanatic and tend to travel with your gear, make sure it goes in the hold. Anything from racquets and bats to snooker cues and martial arts equipment are items not allowed in hand luggage. Interestingly you can take diving gear on-board!


Tools of the Trade

If your purpose for traveling is work or you’re planning to do some DIY while away, check what you can carry in hand luggage. Much of the tools you need will cost you extra to check-in and you won’t be allowed to take them in hand luggage – anything from screwdrivers to drill bits and pliers are items not allowed in hand luggage.


Bubbas Watch out

Most really young kids will travel with their parents along with the masses of paraphernalia required for a newborn or young baby. And that’s all ok, but if your baby for some reason isn’t travelling with you, you’d better double check what they can travel with. Breast milk, formula or cow's milk is only allowed if you’re there too, while sterilized water must be kept in a baby’s bottle.


Turn off That Mobile

Ok so yes, you are allowed your mobile on-board, it would be crazy to think a mobile phone is one of the items not allowed in hand luggage. But many of the latest models have ‘flight mode’ options that you might think allows you to use your mobile phone during flights. The reality is that it’s actually pretty confusing as to whether you can use your mobile devices while in flight or not. Here’s the problem. The Federal Communications Commission says NO mobile use in flight; however, the Federal Aviation Authority doesn’t prohibit use. The upshot of it is that American airlines – well, airlines all over the world – are making their own decisions as to whether to allow the use of mobile devices on aircraft in flight. Some allow full usage, while others ask you to switch off during take-off and landing. The solution – check with your airline before you fly!

That last piece of advice pretty much applies across the board. If you are unsure as to what items are banned from hand luggage, check with your specific airline before packing. A general guide is available here: nidirect.gov.uk. Have you ever gotten caught out with a banned item before?

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Just remember these are UK rules and regulations. Other countries have different rules. Make sure you check out the appropriate website for the country you are departing from.

Rules and regulations are different from country to country. I worked in an airport for 12 years checking carry-on and checked luggage. These items are pretty spot on though. It's just a good idea to double check with the appropriate authorities of the country you are in. I mentioned UK rules and regulations cause there is a link at the bottom to a UK site. I thank you for putting out a great list though. A lot of people still don't know about these items.

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