9 Hidden Gems in Tasmania, Australia ...


I live in a beautiful, unique and totally stunning part of the world and as a local, I know about a lot of hidden gems in Tasmania, including lots of special places that aren’t necessarily on a tourist’s map. There are so many great things to discover in Tassie, and it was so hard to narrow it down to just nine, but here they are - the best hidden gems in Tasmania. You should definitely add them to your list!

1. Crescent Bay, Tasman Peninsula

Crescent Bay, Tasman Peninsula

Crescent Bay takes the number one spot in my list of hidden gems in Tasmania, not only because it is stunning, but because there are so many people, even locals, that simply don’t know it exists! Not only is there a beautiful bush walk around the bay, but the beach itself is totally breathtaking! With picture-perfect blue water and gorgeous sand, you’ll be in heaven. Crescent Bay is definitely worth a visit, and deserves to be much more well-known than it actually is!

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