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7 Amazing Reasons to Go to India ...

By Naomi

There are lots of reasons to go to India but you have to be prepared. No matter what you pack, where you plan to go or what you plan to do, you will never be fully prepared for the adventure that is visiting India. For all the excuses you may have for not going to India, here are 7 reasons why you need to go to India... and soon!

1 Mix It up

Many of the best reasons to go to India celebrate its far reaching versatility. Sip tea in Darjeeling, dance the night away in Mumbai, or watch families say final good-byes to their loved ones at sea at sunrise in Varanasi! These are only a few of the amazing experiences waiting for you once you decide to go to India.

2 Soul Sister

Some say India is the spiritual centre of the world; after all it is where Buddha found enlightenment. If it is a bit of soul searching you are after, then this may be the main reason you have to go to India. Think "Eat, Pray, Love," minus the Brazilian Sex God at the end (or maybe not, if you are lucky).


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3 Push It

Visiting India brings many rewards. Cry over the malnourished street dogs, watch the village women’s faces light up as you try on saris and haggle with tuk-tuk drivers for a bargain ride home. You have to go to India if you want to be pushed to your limits, taken out of your comfort zone and experience a side to yourself that you didn't know existed.

4 Like Minds

India sorts the backpackers from the ‘dip my toes in the pool and sip on daiquiris all day’ types (not that that doesn't sound appealing!). You need to go to India if you have ever felt out of place in the world or just wondered what else or who else is out there. India will introduce you to the friends you hadn't realised you were looking for until you found them there.

5 Let Go

Reduce your entire material belongings into one backpack. Life is so much simpler when you only have 3 pairs of trousers to choose from. An amazingly liberating reason to go to India is that while you are there, all that stuff about how you look and what to wear quite literally doesn't matter.

6 India's People

There is only one answer to any question you ask in India and that is "no problem." Before you know it you will be invited to dinner by a local villager, holding a woman’s baby on a bus or tearing through the country roads on the back of a local boy’s motorcycle. The Indian people are among the best reasons to go to India and part of the reason why you’ll find it so hard to leave.

7 India’s Allowance

Go to Europe if you are happy spending your precious cash on expensive accommodation and smelly cheeses. Go to India if you want to see your dollar go further than Obama’s presidential campaign. In India your only concerns are where to sleep and what to eat, not your finances.

The reasons to go to India are endless but at the end of it all, it is about making the decision, buying that ticket and seeing it all for yourself. Has going to India always been on your to do list? Are you sold on the idea or have you somewhere else in mind?

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