9 Gorgeous Beaches from the Movies ...


Movie beaches provide the background for some memorable and iconic scenes. Sometimes a movie beach is so incidental we don’t even notice it’s there, other times it’s the key to the plot. Moviemakers have such an amazing array to choose from, it must be quite some process to narrow it down yet, some beaches crop up consistently because of their natural beauty or specific character. Here a 8 Gorgeous Beaches from the Movies:

1. Kastani Beach, Skopelos, Greece

Did you enjoy Mamma Mia? Even notice the beach or were you too busy singing along to those Abba songs? Although most of the filming took place on the island of Skiathos, the movie beach was the Bay of Kastani on neighboring island, Skopelos. They’ve removed the wooden dock built specially for the movie so everything remains naturally beautiful on the Mamma Mia beach.

Monuriki, Fiji
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