9 Private Islands You Can Actually Afford to Rent ...


9 Private Islands You Can Actually Afford to Rent ...
9 Private Islands You Can Actually Afford to Rent ...

Private islands for rent are the domain of the rich and famous, right? Just say private island and you think of executive jets of the glitterati landing on strips hewn from baked sand, white sand beaches fringed with swaying palm trees, lapus lazuli ocean with gently lapping waves and a villa of unimaginable luxury. Well that’s all very true, and most private islands for rent are exclusively in the range of celebrities and business magnates. Yet, don’t you want to know that there are some less pricey options within your means? Here are 9 Private Islands You Can Actually Afford to Rent:

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Dunbar Rock, Honduras

Dunbar Rock, Honduras Price: $1,200 per week
A craggy outcrop rises from the azure water, topped by a shimmering white villa. This is the stunning Dunbar Rock, in Sandy Bay, Guanaja, in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. It’s not a totally secluded private island to rent because there are some stilted water bungalows nearby but it is a stand-alone property ideal for divers. It boasts magnificent views of the ocean and back to the island where there’s plenty of facilities on the resort plantation.


Porer Island, Croatia

Porer Island, Croatia Price: $650 per week
The Istrian coastline of Croatia is littered with tiny islands but one of the most unique private islands for rent is Porer. Its area is only half an acre but it is home to a 35m tall lighthouse. The building beneath the tower has been converted into two four bedroom apartments. The lighthouse captain is an excellent guide to the local area’s beautiful bays and islets but he’ll leave you alone so you enjoy the magnificent sunsets across the Adriatic.


Dream Island, the Society Islands, French Polynesia

Dream Island, the Society Islands, French Polynesia Price: $2,100 per week
It’s no easy trip to reach Dream Island, but isn’t that part of the adventure? You need to fly into Tahiti, then on to Moorea Island, take a boat ride drive a bit, then hop aboard Dream Island’s own boat to reach your destination across the lagoon. Be comforted by the fact that there’s magnificent scenery the whole trip. Just 3 buildings exist for guests; 2 right on the stunningly pristine beach and 1 tucked in the tropical vegetation. Expect typical Polynesia in everything as well as 5* service. Private islands to rent in this part of the world mean the stuff dreams are made of and Dream Island sure does live up to this ideal.


Breakwater Island, British Columbia, Canada

Breakwater Island, British Columbia, Canada Price: $2,000 per week
If you dream of a private island to rent without the tropical trappings, try Breakwater Island. There are two houses on the island but they are only let to one group at a time so privacy is maintained. Breakwater is home to a mass of Canadian wildlife so you’ll be sharing your island getaway with deer, eagles and otter. On warm days, the gorgeous sandy beach is perfect for swimming. The rental also comes with a 16’ boat if you want to get out on the water for diving, fishing or hunting for oysters and clams.


Enedrik Island, the Marshall Islands

Enedrik Island, the Marshall Islands Price: $500 per week
Enedrik is a true tropical paradise. If ever you wanted to be a contestant on Shipwrecked but don’t have the nerve, this is your chance to do it pseudo-style. Get a group of friends together, up to 8, and share the cost of $500 for a whole week – yes 500 bucks for a whole week on a paradise island. The catch – you have to camp, Robinson Crusoe style. There is one building on the island for use in bad weather only. Imagine what a bachelorette party this would make! The experience of a lifetime.


Lissenung Island, Papua New Guinea

Lissenung Island, Papua New Guinea Price: $750 per week
At these prices, the private islands for rent are not always going to be exclusive, 1 property locations but with only 4 bungalows and a maximum of 14 guests, Lissenung Island is one of the more private. With tropical and Polynesia personified, you stay in accommodations built with bamboo walls and pandan leaf roofs. Crystal clear waters, cashmere soft sandy beaches and lush vegetation complete the romantic setting. Diving at Lissenung is world class.


Kerala Island Resort, India

Kerala Island Resort, India Price: $850 per week
Just one guesthouse sits on an island 150m from the shore on Canoli Canal on India’s Kerala coast. What’s more is that it only accommodates 2 people, so if you’re looking for private islands for rent for the perfect romantic getaway, this has to be a major contender. Built according to Vasthu (the Indian equivalent of Feng Shui), everything is at the heart of the nature of the island. Your neighbours will be kites, kingfishers, herons and crabs. Delightful!


Island of Scalpay, Scotland

Island of Scalpay, Scotland Price: $870 per week
Where better to escape the pace of modern life than on a remote Scottish island. Despite the sheer quantity of Scottish islands there are surprisingly few private islands for rent. There are but 3 cottages on the 200 acres of Scalpay. Enjoy cool woodlands, lochs, hills and magnificent views across to Skye, Raasay and the Mainland. Enjoy exploring the 14 miles of ruggedly beautiful coastline.


Mfangano Island Camp, Kenya

Mfangano Island Camp, Kenya Price: $1925 per week
There’s just one road leading to Mfangano Island which sits in Lake Victoria, Kenya. On the island is just one hotel that only offers 6 rooms. Each room has a veranda that opens out onto the lake. Dangle a line and catch your own fish and the chef will serve it for your dinner along with vegetables and fruit picked straight from the back garden. Explore the island by speedboat or walking and don’t forget the binoculars for watching the local bird and wildlife.

I’ve tried to find private islands for rent in a wide, but affordable price range, but also, all around the world and to cater for a variety of tastes. I hope you enjoy my choices.

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These places are beautiful ! However, I'd be too afraid to rent it out ! Haha talk about monster, too much movies for me

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