8 Fabulous Places to Visit in Israel ...


There are some fabulous places to visit in Israel and it is almost impossible to single out only several of them. Whether you are looking for historical monuments, religious heritage or some exquisite landscapes, Israel will meet all your expectations. It is so important that this country, with such significance to so much of the world, is a relatively safe place for tourists these days. It was such a loss when we were unable to visit the magnificent places in Israel because of war and conflict. You’ll still face extensive security checks before entry to many of the places to visit in Israel; but trust me, it will be worth it. Here I present 8 Fabulous Places to Visit in Israel:

1. Caesarea

Located mid-way between Haifa and Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast, Caesarea is a small town that boasts big history. Founded in the 1st century BC by Herod the Great, Caesarea was named after the Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus. The town was highly developed during the Ancient times and was actually the Israeli capital for several centuries. Nowadays, Caesarea attracts tourists with its archaeological treasures and remains of the ancient architecture. Visit the amazing antiquities park and enjoy the atmosphere of the old Roman amphitheatre. And the best thing? Some of the ruins are actually right on the fabulous beach.

Western Wall
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