10 Essentials to Know if You Want to Volunteer Overseas ...


To volunteer overseas is a brilliant way to travel, learn about the world, discover new places and meet some amazing people. Volunteering overseas can also be very rewarding as you are giving help to communities, some of them impoverished, and making a difference everywhere you go. Even though you have decided where you want to go and are mentally prepared to volunteer overseas, it may not be that simple. Foreign countries and the red tape that goes with being able to volunteer overseas can easily become a headache. Before you throw your hands in the air, here are 10 Essentials to know if you want to volunteer Overseas.

1. Know the Details

Companies will always send their volunteers a brief with loads of important information that is pertinent to your journey and your stay. Be careful that you don’t miss anything vital in your excitement to get going thereby setting yourself up for disappointment. All those who volunteer overseas should have a clear understanding about where you are going, where you are sleeping, what you are sleeping in, who you are sharing your volunteering experience with and whether accommodation and sleeping quarters are shared with the opposite sex. Don’t take an assignment in a rain forest if you like your creature comforts.

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