7 Endangered American Landmarks ...


American Landmarks have been ardently protected by the National Trust for Historic Preservation for decades now, ensuring that historic US monuments will still be around for our children’s children to appreciate. However, some of the pinnacle American landmarks are in danger of deterioration beyond repair so, if you haven’t visited yet, maybe it’s time to think about doing so. Here is a list of 7 Endangered American Landmarks:

1. Fort Gaines, Alabama

Located on the famous Dauphin Island, Fort Gaines is an historic Civil War site that played an integral role in the legendary Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. The original cannons, the tunnels system that was used to get to and from the corner bastions, complete with vaulted stone ceilings and a restored blacksmith shop as well as kitchens that are used today to show visitors live demonstrations, are all still within the walls of the fort. The biggest challenge today for this historic and significant American landmark is the rapidly disappearing shoreline, which is eroding almost 3 meters a year.

Isaac Manchester Farm, Pennsylvania
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