10 Customs of Thailand Travelers Should Know ...


Thai customs are going to be useful for many travelers, as Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations in recent years. Once the favorite haunt of backpackers and New Age travelers, Thailand is definitely now on the mainstream tourist trail. There are many delights awaiting visitors to this charming and fascinating Far East country and knowing some of the main Thai customs will certainly enhance any visit. Here they are:

1. Greetings

Thailand is a land of beauty and rich culture with many interesting traditions and a strong society based upon respect and the Buddhist religion. When greeting, thanking or saying goodbye to someone, it is customary in Thai culture to perform The Wai which is a gesture where the flat palms of the hands should be pressed together as if in prayer and held at chest or nose level with a slight bow of the head. The Wai is one of the Thai customs that should be observed all over the country and is a sign of great respect as well as a greeting or thank you.

The Royal Family
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