7 Ways to Give Back when You Travel ...


Did you know that there are some easy ways to give back when you travel? We’ve been hearing the plight of the world’s less fortunate for many years now, and yes, each time we hear another sad story we do feel guilty … however, with our busy lives, we quickly forget these awful issues until the next terrible story of suffering emerges in the news. But this time the seed has taken root in your mind - you are ready to make a difference. That’s great news as even one person can help change daily lives for the better, so just what are some of the ways to give back when you travel?

1. Make a Considered Choice

You can help a poor economy simply by choosing the right destination. For many poor countries, the tourist dollar is becoming a way to make a difference. It might be one of the smallest ways to give back, because you are, after all, just one party who has chosen a vacation here, but reputations for being a good tourist spot have to start somewhere. Remember though, generally, if you can afford the initial outlay to get there, less developed countries offer great value for your vacation budget.

Stay with a Family
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