7 Tips for Traveling with an IPad ...


7 Tips for Traveling with an IPad ...
7 Tips for Traveling with an IPad ...

Traveling with an iPad has some great benefits. If you feel like you need to keep in touch or want to stave off boredom, they are light and compact, and certainly have advantages over laptops in terms of weight, size and battery life. For whatever reason you feel the need to take your tablet with you wherever you go, here are some tips for traveling with an iPad.

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Stock up on Entertainment

Traveling with an iPad is so rewarding because you can stock up on your favorite forms of entertainment before you go. Download music, TV shows, and movies and you can watch them on the plane or in the car. It’s an ideal way to avoid staring out of the window or spending hours in flight. Since connections aren’t always guaranteed in every area of the world, it’s safer to upload everything before you leave for some fun in the sun.


Get Equipped

When you go on vacation, your tablet can serve as more than just an entertainment center. Install lots of handy travel apps, such as Skype, Foursquare, and Hipmunk. These apps allow you to search for flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars. Many of them work in real-time. You can also find apps that provide guides to your destination. If you’re the type who needs to do research on the fly, having these apps whilst traveling with a tablet can be a lifesaver.


Getting Online

If you aren’t travelling to a mainstream tourist destination, it’s common to experience difficulties getting online. All tablets have a Wi-Fi radio installed. You can also purchase models with a 3G slot inside. Beware of Wi-Fi hotspots. Some require payment, but there are plenty of free ones if you’re willing to roam further. Going on vacation with an iPad also offers roaming Wi-Fi. Stay away from this if you want to save money.


Damage Limitation

Traveling and electronic devices generally don’t mix. To avoid coming home with a smashed up tablet, buy a case for it. Get one in leather or neoprene to protect against dropping. Avoid ‘sleeve’ cases as they have a tendency to not hold the tablet securely. Make sure the case has a flap so it covers the screen and body. Buy a plastic screen protector to reduce the chances of your iPad getting scratched.


Preventing Theft

Traveling with an iPad instantly makes you a target for theft. There have even been stories of thieves snatching devices through closing subway doors. Don’t use the iPad whilst walking around. If you must connect to the Net, find a quiet place to sit down. Never leave it sitting on the table and put it away each time you stop using it. Another precaution is to back-up your data onto a separate memory stick. Keep it in the bottom of your luggage, or ideally at home, so you don’t lose any of your precious data if the worst happens.



Always insure your tablet. Most travel insurance policies automatically cover your gadgets. Read the small print to see the maximum value you can claim. If you carry lots of gadgets, you might need an upgraded policy. It’s also worth checking your home contents insurance. Some policies cover any loss, damage, or theft whilst traveling with a tablet wherever you happen to take your vacation.


Sudden Temperature Changes

There’s a story which states an iPad won’t work at high altitudes. Whilst this isn’t strictly true, there’s a nugget of truth within this. In the Arctic Circle, an iPad would work, but it would have a much shorter battery life. The same applies to particularly hot temperatures, such as those experienced in Africa and the Far East. When going on vacation with an iPad, don’t expose it to sudden temperature changes. This could cause condensation to develop inside, which would damage the circuitry and the electronics.

These tips for traveling with an iPad are mostly common sense. Basically, if you look after your iPad, have insurance and be sensible, there’s no reason an iPad or other tablet shouldn’t be a great travel companion. Do you take a tablet when you travel?

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I Always take it with me it's great source of entertainment on the go! Thanks for the insight

Un*exciting.. Lol!

Take an extra external battery.

I love the your tips Neecey, they are so helpful. God Bless. Lotsa love all the way from India. xoxo

My iPad was a boredom killer as we were relocating cross country! I downloaded some games, books, music and photo apps to play with on those long, in exciting stretches of road.. Namely; West Texas......

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