7 Cracking Good Christmas Theme Parks ...


Come the holiday season and every tourist attraction around the world is looking to maximize the festivities and so, enter the Christmas theme parks. But, Christmas theme parks aren’t just our usual parks dressed up for the occasion. They also include some theme parks that exist just for the holiday season, only to be packed away in the New Year until next Christmas. If you want to treat the kids, or yourself, to a great festive experience, here are some of the best Christmas theme parks around the world for 2012.

1. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida

It would be fair to say that no one does Christmas quite like Disney, earning them the top spot on my list of the best Christmas theme parks. The attention to detail from the decorations to the shows and the merchandise is incredible. Special 2012 Christmas events in the Magic Kingdom include the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It runs on selected nights throughout November and December and is quite a spectacle. Guests are treated to cookies and hot chocolate to keep them warm while they watch the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, featuring all of their favourite characters and Santa Claus. There is also an amazing firework display and light show projected onto Cinderella’s castle. And just to really get you into the holiday season, there is a magical snowstorm on Main Street, USA.

Winter Wonderland, London
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