7 Cool Reasons to Visit Cuba ...


I hope I can give you some reasons to visit Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean that is sure to captivate you with its rich history and heritage (think Spanish and African)! Cuba receives over 2 million visitors each year; most of them Europeans and Canadians. Although unknown to most people, Americans can travel to Cuba, just on a limited basis, and only with U.S. State Department-approved tour companies, like Insight Cuba and Central Holidays. Travelling to the capital city, Havana (Habana locally), is gradually getting easier for Americans, and believe it or not, the flight time between Miami and Havana is under an hour! If youโ€™ve been contemplating visiting, or wondering where to go on your next vacation, here are some cool reasons to visit Cuba.

1. Baseball and Other Attractions

The reasons to visit Cuba aren't just related to seeing this untouched country that has been sanctioned economically (embargoed) by the U.S., since the 1960s. Cuba's rich history, culture, architecture, and aspects that make it so famous, like cigars, baseball, and music are definitely other reasons to visit. Who knew that in Cuba, baseball is more universal than soccer is to the Brazilians? From the streets of Havana to rural towns like Viรฑales and Trinidad, Cubans embrace baseball. If youโ€™re not into baseball, there are some great architectural sights to see! The magnificent Edificio Bacardi is a masterpiece of art deco architecture, the Palacio de Valle looks like a palace from the 'Arabian Nights,' and you can't miss Plaza Vieja in the capital city - Havanaโ€™s most architecturally eclectic Old Square!

Cultural Music
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