9 Best Islands in Florida for Getting a Tan This Summer ...

Are you planning to spend your summer vacation soaking up the sun on a gorgeous beach? Fab-u-lous! But where do you go? West to the golden sands of California? Across the border to the magnificent beaches of Mexico? Brave enough to dip in the cool waters of the North East? Be intrepid and discover some of the unknown beaches of Canada? Or how about the islands off Florida’s glorious sunshine coast? Let’s go there:

1. Grove Isle

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Looking for a tan in the islands of Florida? Grove Isle may be the best choice, being close the convenience of Miami but feeling like a world apart. Past the skyscrapers of Miami and the streets of Coconut Grove sits a small bridge that crosses over to the 20-acre private island resort of Grove Isle. There, even though you’re close to the city, you’ll find lovely oversized palms, comforting canopy beds, and beaches that are adult-only so you can escape the challenges of parenthood, at least for a little while. But the city, no being that far away, offers its twinkling lights that shine magically over Biscayne Bay.

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