10 Best Destinations for 2012 ...


Best Destinations for 2012 are entering our thoughts now that Christmas is over and we give some attention to where we are going to take our vacation this year. There are obviously many places in contention for the best destinations for 2012 lists and weโ€™ll all have our own ideas of what makes the perfect holiday location. For some itโ€™s golden sandy beaches and gentle lapping surf, for others itโ€™s vibrant cities with tons of shopping, for other the best destinations are rustic hideaways in the mountains or wild country. Then again, many of us can only dream because budget constraints curtail how far we can travel. Here is my list of 10 Best Destinations for 2012 so either take your pick or grab a coffee and visit vicariously.

1. England

One of the best destinations for 2012 and top of the list for sure, must be the UK because of the Summer Olympics taking place there in July. In this year too, the Queen is celebrating a magnificent sixty years on the throne. So, if it is pomp, ceremony and extreme gamesmanship spectacles that you want, this is the only place to be from June onwards.

Mundo Maya
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