7 Attractions of Kansas City You Should Visit ...


After seeing the Wizard of Oz in the movie listings on TV - again - I decided I would look up some of the attractions of Kansas City. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Kansas City was not actually in Kansas, but Missouri! Please forgive my ignorance - I'm British and had made an assumption! Obviously a wrong one. However, I had started so was determined to finish, because I learned it was an interesting place, and that visitors can find plenty of attractions of Kansas City to enjoy. Here are some of them:

1. National World War 1 Museum

National World War 1 Museum

This museum dedicated to the understanding and display of World War I history and artifacts is one of the most popular attractions of Kansas City. Multi-media displays allow you to see, listen and interact with the exhibits. A timeline lines the wall, detailing month-to-month events of a war where over 22 million people died. Other exhibits include a tank, a trench warfare room and a field hospital. You can climb to the top of the memorial tower and look out over Kansas City, especially beautiful at night.

Union Station/Science City
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