7 Wonderfully Weird Beaches ...


When I think of beaches, images that come to mind are sweeping swathes of golden sands, secluded coves and rocky outcrops.

We do tend to have a stereotypical view of our ideal beach, but what about some of the weird beaches of this world which defy the rules of convention.

Some of the most unique beaches have green sand, pink rocks and even cast iron statues.

When it comes to unusual beaches, there is something that will enthrall everyone.2

Here are 7 Wonderfully Weird Beaches in the World.

1. Crosby Beach, Merseyside, England

Crosby Beach, Merseyside, England

Stepping out to this beach, you will be forgiven in thinking you are not alone.

Surrounded by more than 100 completely life-like human figurines, upon closer inspection you will see that they are made from cast iron.

In fact, it is a life art exhibition made and cast by Anthony Gormley, a sculptor whose very own nude statue forms part of the human forest on the beach front.2

At high tide the statues sink into sea, only to rise again when the tide ebbs.

2. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Renowned for its vast geothermal regions, New Zealand has some of the most incredible outdoor spots for a bit of a natural Jacuzzi.2

The Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand has some gorgeous beaches, but among the most unusual beaches in the world is Hot Water Beach, found just a short distance from Whitianga.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a lovely hot bath, where the thermal springs make their way to the surface.

At low tide you can scoop out your very own beach sand Jacuzzi.

3. Green Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Green Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

One of only two green beaches in the world, the other being located on the Pacific Island in Guam, the Green Papakolea Beach in Hawaii looks as if it has lush, grassy dunes as a beachfront, instead of the obligatory sand, stones and shells.

In fact it is a fascinating natural phenomenon of the olivine crystal deposits that are found everywhere on the shore, giving it an illusion of looking like grass.

Maho Beach, St Maarten, Caribbean
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