7 Ways to Make Money on Vacation ...


If you arenโ€™t planning a holiday because of budget constraints, you might be able to think again when I share with you some ways to make money on vacation.

Let me just say that you go on holiday to get away from the humdrum of everyday life and that includes work, so making money on vacation should be nothing like a 9 to 5.

And, itโ€™s important to think creatively and outside the box.

The ways to make money on vacation all depend on how much taking a holiday means to you and how far youโ€™re prepared to go to get it.

1. Sell Your Photos

If you are pretty handy with a camera then you might well be able to make a little cash taking pictures while you are on your travels.2

You can sell your snaps to sites such as istock.com and other image banks which allow you to upload your pictures and share them with the world.

This is one of the ways to make money on vacation that is a pretty high earner if you are able to take quality pictures and lots of them โ€“ but you do need a good eye for what makes interesting travel snaps.

2. Busking

Can you sing or have you got an instrument that you play well?

If you have then you can make ends meet by entertaining passers-by.

Choose the right areas to play, preferably ones which have a high footfall over rush hour.

The amount of cash you make from this depends on where you are in the world and if you are any good!2

Playing well in a busy spot could earn you a fair amount of money โ€“ enough to buy dinner at least.

(And remember โ€“ donโ€™t break any local laws!)

3. Work at a Summer Camp

There are lots of summer camps all over America for children to have their own fun-filled vacation.

At these camps they learn arts and crafts, play sports and take part in lots of different activities.

The summer camps offer lots of different opportunities for work too.

You could take a job in the kitchen, as an activity leader, office helper or a camp counselor.

Youโ€™ll have a great time while you are earning money at a summer camp.

You wonโ€™t make a fistful of dollars but you will get your accommodation and board for free, and an unforgettable experience.2

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