19 Reasons to Choose the Caribbean for a Vacation ...


To me, the reasons for a Caribbean vacation are obvious, but I feel duty bound to share them with you.

There are so many incredible destinations around the world that knowledge that helps you pick your next travel adventure is always going to be useful.

Read on for the reasons for a Caribbean vacation and see how convinced you’ll be.

1. Life’s a Beach

You knew this was going to be top of the list of reasons for a Caribbean vacation didn’t you?

There’s no denying, the islands and coastlines of the Caribbean have some of the most stupendous beaches in the world.

Can you picture yourself on the resort beaches of the most popular islands or maybe one of the Robinson Crusoe beaches on a tiny uninhabited cay is more your style?

2. Hot Stuff

If you have a sense of adventure, there’s plenty of attraction in the Caribbean.

Most of the islands are of volcanic origin and some volcanoes are still active.

The volcanoes have also generated some wonderful scenic features which make for some great experiences.2

Fancy a hike to Dominca’s Boiling Lake, a trek up the still smoking Mont Pelee on Martinique or a dip in the hot sulfur springs of La Soufriere on St.

Lucia – which also just happens to be the world’s only drive-in volcano.

3. Down, down, Deeper and down

You could line up a veritable parade of beauty contestants vying for the title of Diving Queen of the Caribbean.

There are incredible diving sites right around the region.2

The Caribbean Sea boasts crystal clear waters, a wealth of shipwrecks and a host of glorious coral reefs.

From the pristine areas designated as marine parks to deliberately sunken statues off the coast of Mexico, the Caribbean is a diver’s dream.

4. Days Gone by

With such beauty to feast on with the stunning gifts Mother Nature has bestowed on the Caribbean, it’s easy to forget this region has a very interesting history.

Most islands, at one time or another, have been subject to a European power.

Much of this colonial history remains imbued in the architecture.

As well as large plantation houses, rum distilleries, and sugar mills, there are dockyards and forts still standing, long after the Europeans stopped squabbling over the island realms.

And let’s not forget all those tales of buccaneers and pirates and smugglers.

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