20 off the Beaten Path Attractions of New York ...


We all know the main sights of New York – they are world famous, but for the visitor who wants to see the real city, the iconic landmarks just don’t cut it.

Going off the beaten path in New York is getting to see the city’s underbelly.

You also get to experience the city as natives do when you go off the beaten track in New York.

Discover surprising works of art, wonderful buildings, tiny coffee shops and corner bakeries and hidden gardens.

Here are 20 Off the Beaten Path Attractions of New York:

1. The Graffiti Wall of Fame

The Graffiti Wall of Fame

Whether you agree with graffiti or not, there’s no denying it is urban art.2

In Harlem, at 106th Street and Park Avenue, you’ll find a wall of some of the best and most colorful images in the city.

The wall is one of the boundaries of the Jackie Robinson Education Complex and is a brilliant show of what can be achieved with cans of spray paint.

2. Museum of Sex

Museum of Sex

If you’ve already done the Met, Guggenheim and MOMA, it’s definitely time to head off the beaten track in New York for a museum with a difference.

At 233 5th Avenue, you’ll find the Museum of Sex.

Opened in 2002, it is only open to over 18s who can learn about human sex, animal sex, rubbers and even robotic sex.

3. The Alamo

The Alamo

Not the fort where gallant Texans fought the Mexican army, but a giant cube sculpture.

Standing since 1967, the Alamo was created by Tony Rosenthal.

You can find it at Astor Place (Lafayette and 8th Street), and if you’ve got the strength, you can try and make it spin.

4. Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park

Can you imagine going off the beaten track in New York and finding a patch of English countryside with a cloistered chapel?2

Fort Tryon Park is a reassembled chapel with thick stone walls, stained glass windows set in gardens brimming with colorful flora and exotic wildlife.

Fort Tryon was designed by the same man who helped create Yosemite National Park and you can find it at 190th Street.

Alice Austen House
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