7 Movie Road Trips You Can Take in Real Life ...


What is summer with a roadtrip or two and how do you make a regular roadtrip more fun?

Well, by following the footsteps of your favorite movie characters of course.

We love guest contributor Jessica's list of movie rod trips that you can take in real life and so will you!

Movie buffs, are you ready to hit the road on your summer vacation?

Why not follow in the footsteps of some of your favorite fictional characters?

Here are seven movie road trips you can take in real life.

1. Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

How can you not love the two simple-minded blokes who embark on a noble quest to return a briefcase to its owner?2

Their wacky misadventure begins in Providence, R.I., and takes them all the way to Aspen, Colo.

Make sure you don't miss the turn for Colorado and end up in Nebraska before you get back on track.2

Your «Dumb and Dumber» road trip won’t be complete without a «sheepdog» van, so you better start shopping.

To see their route and routes from other movie road trips, check out buzzfeed.com.

The maps will make it easy for you to recreate the trips.

2. It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night

Explore the east coast when you follow the route of Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert from Miami to New York.

The road trip in «It Happened One Night» is especially fitting for couples looking for a little wacky romance.

Along the way you can recall how the characters in this lovable movie traveled by bus, hitchhiking, and stolen car.

When you stop at a hotel for the night, bring down the walls of Jericho.

3. National Lampoon’s Vacation

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Hopefully your road trip will lack the unpleasant — but hilarious — woes of Chevy Chase’s character in «National Lampoon’s Vacation,» as he takes his family from Chicago to Los Angeles.

His plan to bring his family closer together takes wacky turns as they head for the fictional Wally World theme park.

Even though the movie is about 30 years old, adventure.howstuffworks.com says it «will still leave you laughing.»

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