7 Fun Cruise Trips ...


With so many places to go and things to see, ideas for fun cruise trips are practically endless.

Are Hawaii’s tropical beaches calling your name?

Have you always dreamed about exploring glaciers in Alaska?2

Whatever your dream, here are seven fun cruise trips you’re sure to love.

1. Hawaii

Sailing around the Hawaiian Islands for my honeymoon was by far one of my all-time favorite fun cruise trips.

Whether you sail across from the mainland or depart directly from Honolulu the way we did, there’s definitely nothing more romantic than traveling from island to island with your sweetheart.

And the best part about getting a taste of all Hawaii has to offer is that you’ll gather plenty of ideas about which islands you’d like to come back and visit again in the future.

2. Alaska

While many people think of cruising as a way to visit tropical destinations, there are also plenty of exciting Alaskan cruises departing each summer from locations like Seattle and Vancouver.

Plan a whale watch, explore glaciers and attend a salmon bake while taking in the beautiful landscape and scenery.

Even if you can’t wear a bikini, you’re still sure to have the time of your life!

3. Bahamas

Looking for a quick tropical getaway?

Cruises to the Bahamas offer the perfect chance to relax and beat the winter blahs while getting away from it all, even if you can only spare a long weekend.2

Of course, just because your cruise is short doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of fun things to do.

Plan an excursion to go snorkeling, swim with dolphins or experience parasailing before kicking back at the beach.

4. Caribbean

Ready for a mojito or two?

From Jamaica to St.

Maarten to Puerto Rico, Caribbean islands are popular destinations for cruisers any time of year.

Whether you’re hoping to shop, learn about an island’s history or simply chill out at the beach, Caribbean locales definitely offer something memorable for everyone.

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