8 Best and Wonderfully Pleasant Cities to Shop ...


Here it is girls, the one you’ve been waiting for, a whole list dedicated to the Best Cities To Shop.

Could there be any better list?

I’ve been lucky to shop in hundreds of places all over the world so it’s been a hard job singling out the best ones.

Each of the best cities to shop offers something different.

It doesn’t have to be shiny extensive malls;

some of the best places are the local markets.

One of the best things I ever bought is a small leather handbag I bought in a Marrakech back alley for about $7 about 18 years ago that I still use on occasion today.

If you want a vacation where you can really dive head first into retail therapy, here’s the 8 Best and Wonderfully Pleasant Best Cities to Shop.2

Credit cards ready, aim, set, go!

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is truly one of the best cities to shop in the world.

Whatever your budget, whatever your taste, Bangkok will make any shopper’s dream come true.

From electrical items to antiques to fashion to food and drink, in Bangkok, you will be truly be able to shop ‘til you drop with street vendors, shops and markets often staying open 24 hours a day.

2. Paris

Paris has long been considered the best city in the world to shop for the style conscious.

The city is divided into different districts and whatever your style, there will be a district for your particular look.

The street markets in the African quarter are more colorful than a bag of skittles, the food markets have more treats than you can dream of and well, do I really need to mention fashion?2

3. London

London is famous for crowds and it is the crowds that put some people off shopping there, but one of the reasons that London is crowded is because the shopping is so good!2

Every high street store, every designer shop, international shops and small independent retailers and market can be found in London.

Bond Street for designer wear, Covent Garden for funky, Borough Market for food and Portabello Road for antiques/curios are your destinations.

New York
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