8 Amazing Cities of Germany ...


Picking which amazing cities of Germany to visit would be a hard task for any visitor.

Do you stick to the bustling centres like Berlin and Frankfurt or do you opt for the old world charm of cities like Heidelberg?

Whatever the case, Germany has so much to offer and each of its cities offers visitors unique and memorable experiences.

Check out these amazing cities of Germany.

1. Berlin


Berlin is a must-see destination and one of the most amazing cities of Germany.2

It’s the biggest city in Germany and also its capital.2

While modern Berlin is a buzzing, contemporary city famous for its thriving cultural scene, it does have a sobering history.

Sites like the East Side Gallery and Holocaust Memorial act as a constant reminder of a divisive past.2

Berlin is a great first stop for travellers.

2. Munich


Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria.2

It is host to the famous Oktoberfest festival, which makes it a popular destination for travellers and beer lovers the world over.

When the city isn’t celebrating Oktoberfest, it is home to first class museums, traditional German architecture, and plenty of picturesque scenery.

3. Hamburg


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is home to one of the biggest harbours in Europe.

The city has many canals and waterways, which is why it has been nicknamed the “Venice of the North.” Hamburg is also well known for its nightlife, with over 100 music venues and clubs.2

4. Dresden


The city of Dresden is located in an idyllic location, spread along the picturesque banks of the Elbe River.

Despite being almost completely destroyed during WWII, all of Dresden’s landmarks have been restored to their former glory.

Today the city of Dresden is regaining its reputation as a city of great cultural importance.

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