7 Types of Travelers: Which Kind Are You? ...


One of the joys of my adventures around the world has been meeting different types of travelers. If you travel solo, or go backpacking, you are more likely to meet and recognize specific travel personalities than if you take a package tour to a resort hotel. The types of travelers you meet all add to the experience – some good, some not so desirable. I wonder if you recognize yourself in any of these?

1. The Storyteller

The storyteller is one of the most interesting types of travelers. She loves to regale everyone with tales of all the places she has been. You’ll hear her loud, booming voice from across a crowded dorm room or from the back of a night bus as she entertains her audience with tales of ‘that time’ she surfed naked in Morocco. Or ‘that other time’ when she met a mysterious monk who toured her through a dark temple after closing time and who then disappeared into a doorway, never to return. This traveler has great stories of almost everywhere on earth but can forget about the moment she is currently enjoying. Or the moment you are currently trying to enjoy!

The Human GPS
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