7 Travel Tips for Your First Trimester ...


For my personal experience, the first trimester has been the hardest of my two pregnancies. Both times. the first three months filled me with episodes of nausea, fatigue, vomitting and daytime sleepiness which made me very irritable and impatient. Travelling on your first trimester maybe affected by these "conditions" so here are some tips when globe-trotting or when you're going for a walk during those first months of carrying a baby (or babies!):

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Go Signal

Be sure to get the approval from your doctor that it is okay to travel on your first trimester. If you are in a delicate state, sacrifice and control your happy feet and avoid travelling altogether. Most airlines only require a medical certificate for women who are 34+ weeks so they will not stop you from boarding the plane just because you are an expectant mother. They will have you sign a special handling form. Just make sure to bring your ultrasound report and maternity book just in case they want to verify your declaration that you are already eight weeks into the family way.


Wheelchair Magic

I was hesitant about being in a wheelchair on my first pregnancy but one thing I learned bout pregnancy in general is that it is physically exhausting. There is no way I could have survived Disneyland without being pushed around by my loving husband.


Never Go Alone

As a general pregnancy rule, never go alone. You need all the assistance you can get at this point in your life. I know many of us have been independent for more than half of our lifetime in this earth, but pregnancy is the best time to actually ask for help from family and loved ones. You will definitely need it.


Hoard Food

If you're like me who gets hungry every minute of her pregnant life, then I suggest bringing in your bag a package of biscuits or little munchies to grab when your belly starts to grumble. Same thing goes when you're in a hotel room far from home. Make sure you have enough food to satisfy your demanding tummy so you don't have to wake your exhausted hubby up from a deep slumber after pushing you around in your wheelchair the entire day.


Avoid Humps and Bumps

I was drooling at Universal Studios Singapore when I saw people screaming in excitement while onboard the death-defying rollercoaster ride. I pouted and wished, for a moment, that I can freely do rock climbing and jump from the tallest point. But reality check honey: the first trimester is the time to be extra careful. So while my husband was enjoying the thrilling river ride of Rapids Adventure in Jurassic Park, I was parked under the shade of a tree listening to chirping birds while writing this piece.


Bag Matters

Never leave the house without a bag. Any bag that can hold important stuff such as water, food, maternity book, vitamins, an extra change of clothes, and all other things you find necessary. I think that defense planning (a.k.a. logically paranoid packer/traveller) is the best way to prepare yourself for any eventuality.


'Comfort' Oil

I always bring along a bottle of comfort oil with me that has eucalyptus and mint essence. It keeps my head clear when I travel. It makes me feel better when travelling by sea and air is quite rough. Check the label if the oil's ingredients are organic. There is a Hong Kong-made product called White Flower that my great grandmother used in all her eight pregnancies. I use the same product too.

What other travel tips can you share with us who are travelling on our first trimester?

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