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Packing can be somewhat of a headache, and putting it off till the last minute is usually more tempting than doing it ahead of time. However, it’s easy to over pack and bring stuff you won’t even use when you wait till the last minute to pack! Here is how to efficiently plan a working wardrobe that will fit into your suitcase without being more than you need, yet giving you plenty of options for what to wear!

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Always Pack Your Basic Items

Basic items can never steer you wrong. Basic items may vary a bit from person to person. I consider my basic items to be a dark wash denim jean, a fitted white tee, a neutral jacket (black or cognac leather) a black comfy maxi skirt or dress, a soft neutral cardigan, a basic black tank top, and a comfortable shoe. I wear almost all of these items at least once weekly. Figure out what your basics are and be sure to bring them!


Try to Stick with Packing Neutral Colored Items

Neutral colors may be a bit boring, but they look polished, put together, and appropriate for nearly any occasion. A black maxi dress can be beach casual or date night at a fancy restaurant. A cream blazer can work for a business meeting or a day of sightseeing. Neutral colors can mix and match well, so you’ll have more outfit options too.


Bring Things That All Mix and Match Together Well

This point goes hand in hand with what I talked about in my last tip. Having items that can mix and match together will save you a lot of space by not needing a new outfit for every day you’re away. Instead, bring 10 items of clothing that can each be worn 5 different ways, styled with the other items you bring. You’ll find that having 10 items that create 25 outfits is much better than having 25 pieces that only create 10 outfits.


Bring a Variety of Textures and Some Pops of Color

Here is how you can keep your outfits interesting while only working with 10-15 pieces. Make sure to bring a variety of texture! Sticking with mostly neutral colors, try to go for lace, jersey knit, leather, denim, zippers, and any other fun texture you have in your closet. Adding pops of color through jewelry, scarves, tank tops, or an occasional fun colored blouse adds some fun and pizzazz to your neutral basis.


Stick to Three Pairs of Shoes

As women, we usually want to bring 50 pairs of shoes. At least I know I do! I try to keep it to 3 pairs. Based on what I KNOW I’ll be doing, I pack footwear accordingly. A good rule of thumb is 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of heels, and 1 pair of good walking shoes like flats or sneakers. You can stretch this rule a tad bit by also wearing a 4th pair of shoes if you feel three is just not enough.


Don’t Plan for the Unexpected

As women, we also tend to overthink or plan for every possible situation. “What if it rains? I’ll need my raincoat”. “What if we go to a swanky restaurant? I’ll need my cocktail dress”. “What if we go swimming? Better pack a swimsuit. “ Cut out this line of thinking! Pack for what you KNOW will be happening, and if the unexpected comes up, buy what you need en route!


Lay Everything out for a Final Go-over

Once you have everything ready to go, lay it all out on your floor or bed. Ask yourself if you really think you’ll use everything you’ve chosen. If the answer is yes, then you’re set to go! If you’re doubtful, then weed out what you’re skeptical about. Remember, you can usually find a place to wash laundry!

Packing can definitely be a stress, especially if you tend to over pack naturally! It takes time to learn how to whittle down your suitcase to what you need and only what you need, without adding a ton of extras. These suitcase secrets should help you pack light for your fun summer trips ahead! You’ll relax and enjoy yourself much more without so many things to keep track of!

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What about all of the things other than clothes?


Plain bottoms and colourful tops are best. If you pack six tops and four basic bottoms and they all go with each other then you have 24 outfit combinations. Always take a jacket in black and always an umbrella that folds up small. It doubles as umbrella for rain and a sunshade in heat.

I always overpack-more options, thank God for free cartons!

I always like to pack a little fold up carry bag for coming home (flying) for the shopping or souvenirs makes it easier to quickly go through airport

Last try: carry ins

Great article - never thought about some of these

I pack really well. Travelling a lot has put me in good stead.

This has given me some tips on what to bring text time when i travel. Thank you !


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