7 Safety Tips for Travelling Alone ...

When was the last time you checked out safety tips for travelling alone? While travelling alone can be exciting, and pretty much ensures you’ll see everything you want to see, it can also be daunting. Knowing all the latest safety tips for travelling alone is a great way to keep yourself safe and secure, and ensure the best holiday ever.

1. Speak to the Tour Operator…

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If you’ve booked with an operator, it’s worth speaking to them about travelling on your own. They will usually be able to offer the most relevant safety tips for travelling alone, and they often save you money, too! If you are travelling during a quiet time, you might be able to get the single supplement waived, or share a room with a stranger of the same sex to save money. Safaris, expedition cruises, special-interest trips and overland trips often have a high number of single people travelling.

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