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8 Tips for Travelling in a Motorhome ...

By Alison

Tips for travelling in a motorhome are certainly useful if you're new to this mode of travel. We all dream of packing up an RV and heading for the open road. It's a fabulous way to see your own country, or travel around a foreign land. There are lots of ways of making the trip easier, so here are just a few tips for travelling in a motorhome …

1 Pack Light

One of the most useful tips for travelling in a motorhome is to pack light! Always bear in mind that storage space is very limited, so don't cram a dozen suitcases with everything you "might need." Seasoned travellers know how to make the best use of space, and only pack what they really need.

2 Multipurpose

Multipurpose items are incredibly practical for trips in motorhomes. As I mentioned before, there isn't much space to keep things. So pack things that have more than one use. This is especially relevant for clothing and kitchen equipment - the kitchens are tiny in motorhomes!


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3 Maintenance Skills

Having some proficiency in basic maintenance is a definite bonus. You don't have to be a skilled mechanic or be able to fix everything that goes wrong. Learn some simple "DIY" skills. Knowing how to do some basic mechanical jobs like checking the water and oil will also help keep your vehicle in good condition.

4 Choose Your Companion Carefully!

Travelling in an enclosed space can quickly get tiresome, so make sure that you pick someone you can get along with. Otherwise, being shut up with them may drive you mad! Choose someone who will share the driving, chores and costs, and who wants to do the same things that you do.

5 Forums, Clubs & Shows

Attending motorhome shows is an excellent source of information. There you will meet seasoned travellers who can give you loads of brilliant ideas. You may also be able to join a local club. If there aren't any clubs in your area, search the internet for forums. These are full of information, and you can ask any questions you need answered.

6 Plan

It's tempting to just start the ignition and drive off, but you should do some planning beforehand. Plan your routes, and find out where gas stations are. You do not want to run out of gas and get stranded! A guide to campsites can also be handy, so that you can make use of their facilities.

7 Time of Year

Consider the time of year that would be best or most convenient to travel. Winter is obviously not the best season to travel in very cold areas. Equally, a summer trip may sound enticing but not if you want to cross the Arizona desert. A motorhome can be stifling in the heat.

8 Simple Cooking

Don't even attempt to cook complicated meals in the kitchen of a motorhome. Facilities will be very limited, with minimal preparation space and two rings. Buy food that you can cook easily, and don't stock up too much. Remember the lack of storage space!

Taking a trip in a motorhome can be an amazing experience, but needs planning and a sensible approach. There are lots of points that need to be taken into account, so get as much advice and information as you can. Being smart can save your trip from being memorable for the wrong reasons! Have you any great tips, or do you have a dream itinerary for a motorhome trip?

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