9 Cliché Holiday Photos Everyone Has in Their Collection ...

There are cliché holiday photos that pop up in collections all around the world. From Aunty Mabel and Uncle Trevor who insist on sharing 300 photos of their week in the RV to the beach babe updating her Instagram, there’s a guarantee that one or a few cliché holiday photos will make an appearance. I wonder how many of these you will recognize in your own collections (I’ve more than a few!).

1. Hot Dog Legs

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Okay ladies, hands up who HASN’T got one of these! This has to be one of the most popular cliché holiday photos ever. You’re lying in the sand or on a bed soaking up the sun, what can you do but point a camera at your knees?

2. Sunglasses on the Beach

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Another of the holiday snaps everyone takes is their sunnies on the beach. You might just take a pic of your sunglasses on the sand but those with a little more imagination might make a nod to artistic notions and add in extra features like the one above. The other classic sunglasses picture is of course holding them out in front of a view.

3. Rude Statues

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The sculptor has probably poured his ‘art' and soul into creating a statue and what do tourists do? Find a funny pose to take a picture of course, and the ruder or lewder, the better.

4. Funny Landmark Snaps

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Holidaymakers seem to have no end of ways to make funny landmark pictures. Popular ones include pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, using perspective to make yourself or your subject as tall as a building, buildings appearing out the top of your head, holding landmarks in your hand and replacing bits of buildings with other objects.

5. Posing with the Locals

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You know the ones. The local residents are going about the daily business and suddenly, in a language they don’t understand and lots of sign language they do, they are persuaded or pulled next to an inanely grinning tourist.

6. Sunburn

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If your sunburn is so bad that you want to record it for posterity, you have the wrong attitude about sunburn, lady! It might be funny when you take the photo but it will become sore, and let’s not think about the risks you’re asking and the damage you’re doing to your skin. Actually, yes, let’s talk about them – put on your sunscreen!

7. Fish Bowl Cocktails

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Another of the ubiquitous holiday snaps – especially if you’re with friends – is the huge cocktail. It comes in a fish bowl, is often lurid in color and is swimming with ice cube fish and more fruit than the local market. If you’re lucky, you get sparklers and umbrellas too. This is the one where your drink comes with a side order of 12 straws and of course you’ve got to try and fit 11 heads in the photo opportunity.

8. Jumping into the Sea

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For this one to turn out well, you’re reliant on someone clicking the button at the right time. It becomes very wearing the eighth time you hear, “oh do it again, I didn’t get a good shot.”

9. Footprints in the Sand

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This has become a trendy shot for beach weddings but you don’t have to be getting married to leave your own marks on the sand. Quick, take a photo before the waves wash the prints away.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no issue with any of these cliché holiday photos. Your holiday snaps should be whatever you want them to be to provide you lasting memories of where you’ve been, what you’ve seen and the fun you’ve had. Go ahead, have holiday photos that everyone takes to mix up with your beautiful landscapes, views and fabulous monuments. Which of these have you taken?

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