7 Top Health Questions of Long Term Travel Answered ...


Going off around the world on an extended vacation is so exciting, but you must remember to consider the health issues of long term travel. Youโ€™re going to be putting yourself in new situations in new countries where your body might well take exception to unusual and unknown conditions, so you have to bear this in mind. Health is very much something you should consider in your planning and preparations. Even if you are, as a rule, as fit as a fiddle, here are the key health issues of long term travel.

1. What Kind of Health Insurance Should I Get?

Sort out your travel insurance way ahead of starting your trip, and carefully consider what type of coverage you need. Itโ€™s risky to just go with the cheapest insurance you can get as it might not cover all the health issues of long term travel. Budget for the best insurance you can afford. Make sure you have coverage for local medical expenses as well as medical repatriation. Also, make sure the insurance suits you and your travel style. Do you have any existing health issues? Is your doctor against you traveling? Are you an adrenalin junkie who just canโ€™t say no to rock climbing or offroading? You might want to invest in extra coverage.

How High is the Risk of Me Getting Sick?
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