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There are plenty of things to pack for your ski vacation, so you definitely don’t want to forget anything. There’s still plenty of skiing left, even with spring on the way, so now might be the perfect time for you to plan a trip to the mountains. Check out my list of essential things to pack for your ski vacation and you’ll be all set for your trip without having to worry that you left something important at home.

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Extra Clothes

Skiing can be wet and sloppy, which means you may head back to the lodge with soaked clothing. One of the most important things to pack for your ski vacation is plenty of extra clothes. That way you change into something dry and warm and head back to the slopes. I’d also suggest packing clothes you can layer. That way you can take them off as you heat up or put them back on when you get chilled.


Snow Gear

I know you’re probably thinking duh, right? However, it’s easy to forget something important, so make sure you go through your suitcase and make sure you have all your cold weather gear. That includes gloves, a hat, a neck garter, earmuffs, thick socks, a jacket, a coat and a ski mask. You may want to toss in a few extras of each just in case you lose something or it gets wet.


Sunglasses or Reflective Goggles

Even if it’s snowing, the sun reflects off those ski runs pretty harshly, so it’s a pretty good idea to make sure you have a pair of sunglasses or goggles that reflect the sunlight. Not only will they keep the sun out of your eyes, but they’ll also make it easier to see where you’re going so you don’t run into someone or something and get hurt.


A Helmet

It’s not true of all ski resorts, but some of them are beginning to require helmets. That’s because several people have died after suffering a head injury on the slopes. Most places have helmets available for rental, but if you don’t want to wear one that tons of other people have sweated in, pack your own so you’re prepared.



Many people make the mistake of assuming that they don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days. That’s simply not true. Harmful UV rays can penetrate clouds and cause skin damage, even if you don’t get a sunburn. Plus, if it is sunny, the sun reflecting off the snow can give you a nasty burn. Pack a tube or two of SPF 50. Make sure you also bring lip balm with SPF in it.


Ski Lock

You don’t want all your precious skiing gear getting stolen when you’re breaking for lunch or a hot chocolate. Unless you want to carry it around with you all day, I’d strongly suggest bringing a ski lock so you can secure everything safely when it’s unattended. Some ski resorts have lockers you can use, so you might consider also bringing a regular padlock. Just in case.



Skiing is so fun and you’ll no doubt want to remember your trip with some photos. Bring your camera with you so you can get some shots of the slopes and resort. If you want to carry your camera on the runs, be sure to bring a long a padded case so it doesn’t get damaged if you fall down. Take some pictures from the top of the summit – those will be breathtaking.

What do you make sure to always bring when you go skiing? Please feel free to add it to my list.

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