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7 Helpful Tips on How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Budget ...

By Corina

Nowadays, going on vacation can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re bringing your entire family with you, and that’s why it’s always good to know how to plan a family vacation on a budget. There are a lot of things you can do to lower the costs of your vacation! Just look for the best deals, make a plan and look for different ways to save money while still being able to have fun. Money is always an issue in today’s society, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the vacation of your dreams on a low budget. Although traveling is not cheap, it can be affordable. Just read on and discover a few very useful tips on how to plan a family vacation on a budget:

1 Create a Budget Plan

One of the first things you should do if you want to learn how to plan a family vacation on a budget is to create a specific budget plan, so you will know how much money you are willing to spend on that vacation. Just try to estimate how much money you’ll pay for the travel costs, for the accommodation, for the food and for the fun things you are going to do on that adventure. Also, you should set aside some extra funds in case of an emergency, because it’s always best to be prepared.

2 Plan Early

If you’re trying to reduce the costs of your vacation, then you should always start planning early, so you’ll get the best deals. For example, if you buy you plane tickets at least six months in advance, you will pay the lowest prices on airfare. Also, by booking your vacation in advance, you’ll get the best, cheapest rates on your accommodation. Just do some research on the Internet and look for the best deals.


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3 Travel during an off Season

You’ll save quite a lot of money on your vacation if you travel during an off season. Of course, this can be a bit difficult to pull through, if you have kids who are still in school, but usually travel fees are the lowest during that period, because the demand drops. You could travel in spring or in fall, since the prices are very low in those seasons compared to how they are in summer, in winter or during the holidays.

4 Cut the Costs on Your Food

Try to reduce the costs of your food by not eating out so often. You could try cooking your own food or at least bring it with you. Stay in a hotel that has a refrigerator, a microwave or even a kitchen, so you’ll be able to store, warm or why not, cook your own food. Eating out all the time can be very expensive, so budget your money carefully and don’t eat out every day if you can’t afford it. You could also go to a grocery store near your hotel and fix some picnic-like meals in your room.

5 Make Sure You Don’t Forget Anything

When you’re going on a trip with your entire family, make sure you don’t forget anything important, so you won’t have to spend money on it when you arrive at your destination. Try making a list of the things you have to bring with you a couple of days before you pack your bags, just to make sure that you bring with you everything you need. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend your money on a new bathing suit or on a new shampoo, just because you forgot to pack them.

6 Use Public Transportation

In order to cut the costs of your vacation, you could simply walk (if your dining and entertainment are within walking distance of your hotel) or use public transportation instead of renting a car. This way, you will get to discover all the wonderful things that place has to offer and you’ll save quite a lot of money, money that you could spend on other fun things to do.

7 Find Inexpensive Deals on Tickets to Local Attractions

Just go on the Internet and do a bit of research and I’m sure you’ll find quite a lot of deals on tickets to local attractions. You could visit different museums that offer discounts for families or you could go on all kinds of tours. Just ask at your hotel about free or cheap things to do in that area, because there might be a lot of fun and inexpensive attractions in that place that you could get to on foot and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss them. This way, you’ll spend less, and maybe you’ll even learn more.

There are a lot of wonderful and inexpensive things you can do with your family when you’re in vacation. You just have to do a little bit of research and look for the best deals. Do you know any other tips on how to plan a family vacation on a budget? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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